Having been brought up by mother, paper artisan in washi, Kyoko Suematsu is particularly attuned to a bright colour and forms of paper crafts in washi. Such growing environment and experience of studying fashion design in a high school develops her distinctive formative ability and sensibility to colours. Suematsu was discovered and invited by Tabaimo as the collaborative artist to the project of Dior Ginza windows in 2012. Her unique approach to paintings is represented mostly by two styles. She has minutely elaborated in a series of Pupa with many strokes of the brush and use of colour emphatically, which conveys the narrative world. Perfume belongs to her another painting series and it is more instinctive and sharp to visualize the scent, setting a production time limit of a couple of hours on a large canvas. Both ongoing directions are equivalent in Suematsu’s perspective and give an expanded possibility of expression on the visual language of her works.

Selected Exhibitions